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Mk II Jaguar wedding car in Old English White”width=

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Wedding Cars with Style and Elegance 


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Why Choose Us ?

We own our wedding cars.
Authentic ‘60s Classics.
Fully licensed and insured.
Competitive rates.
40 years customer service experience.
No hidden or additional charges.
Deposit guarantee - weddingsonline.
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1961 Mk II Jaguar Wedding Car in Old English White

 Our Promise 
Our agreed price is firm.
No hidden or additional charges.
No clock watching.
Don’t worry about itinerary delays.
We will provide a friendly, accommodating, professional service from first contact.

One of our beautiful Jaguar Wedding Cars”width=

Available For All Ceremonies
Same Sex

a perfect white Mercedes wedding car

Our Classic Jaguar Wedding Cars

These beautiful historic vehicles  are in stunning pristine condition. That means that in  spite of their advanced years they look as though they’ve just rolled off the production line. This is as a result of recent restorations which have brought them back to their original 1960s splendor.


Wedding with one of our Jaguar wedding cars

Viewing our Wedding Cars
Please feel free to contact us and we can arrange an appointment for you to come and view, here in Kiltegan.

Our Service to you
You will always find us to be friendly, flexible and accommodating. We aim to provide, as a minimum, a service we would be happy to receive ourselves. Then we will take every opportunity to try exceed your expectations.We want to play our part in making your wedding day special. So, please feel free to talk to us about any special requirements that you, as a couple, may have.

A Classic White wedding car

We Service these Areas

Dublin North
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At Rathsallagh House wedding venue with our Classic Jaguars


Safe & Reliable 
Our Wedding Cars are regularly serviced and hold current NCT certificates and NTA Limousine licenses. However as they approach their 60th birthdays it has to be acknowledged that they are historic vehicles. So, if you book a historic vehicle having a plan B is always a good idea, regardless of who the provider is.

A Classic Mk II Jaguar

The Day of Your Wedding 
You can be assured of a first class service on your Special day. With this in mind we will arrive at least 30 minutes before your planned departure. Your beautiful car will be immaculately presented. Also, your  driver will have familiarized themselves with the route and will give you their full and unhurried attention throughout the day.


our white Jaguar wedding car

If you’re looking to be transported in Style and Elegance then you’ve come to the right place.

We know from experience that hiring of transport for the big day isn’t exactly at the top of a couple’s, ‘to do list’.

That’s because, rental of a wedding  car is usually considered a functional necessity, and just a means of travel on the day.

Wedding Day at Marlfield House Gorey with our white Mercedes

But when a couple start investigating, they then realise the extensive range of beautiful classic  cars available and the possibilities they offer.

When it comes to hiring your transport for that Special Day, choosing the right car can make all the difference.

You can be sure that one of our beautiful historic vehicles will complement a gown, a theme and definitely wow your guests.

Without doubt, a beautiful car will be admired, on the day, and will be remembered and appreciated for years to come.

Our Classic Jaguars will provide the photographer with a wonderful backdrop for some fantastic photo opportunities.

We truly believe that one of our beautiful cars can be an important part of your special day.

Our 1961 Classic Jaguar, in Old English White, would compliment a traditional theme. Whereas our 1965 Jaguar, in Opalescent Golden Sand, could help bring a subtle feel of luxury to the event.


one of our Classic Jaguar wedding cars


Traveling in one of our prestigious classic Jaguars will make the short commutes you must undertake, on your Big Day, elevate to memorable mini journeys.

That’s because, as  you sit in your historic vehicle ,with its perfectly crafted features, luxurious interior and documented provenance you will be preparing to travel in style.

Without doubt, you will be the centre of everybody’s attention. The pedestrians you cruise past,  your delighted guests, everybody will want to see you.

Indeed, be assured that the time you spend, in one of our beautiful cars, traveling to the ceremony, will be a treasured memory.

at the beautiful Mill House, Slane in our wedding car, Desert Rose a 1965 Mk II Jaguar

When the ceremony is over your guests will gather round, as you prepare to take your first journey as a married couple. Now you can  both enjoy the luxury of your beautiful wedding car.

With this in mind, just sit back with a celebratory glass of bubbly, enjoy these first minutes of your married life as you’re whisked to your venue in style.

Without a doubt these precious minutes will stay with you long after your special day and journey are over.

In fact we’re sure hiring one of our beautiful cars is definitely worth it and an expense you will not regret.

leaving Palmerstown House in our 1961 White Jaguar wedding car” width=



There are generally four main vehicle groups out there, from which you can hire.

The Irish Veteran and Vintage Car Club offer the following age timelines definitions.

Vintage Car

If the vehicle was manufactured between 1919 – 1930 it would be defined as a vintage, according to the Irish Veteran and Vintage Car Club.

Vehicles made between 1931-1946 are strictly speaking Post Vintage but usually referred to as vintage.

Classic Car

A classic car, as per The Irish Veteran and Vintage Car Club definition, is a car manufactured between 1946 – 1987. There are a large range of beautiful classics available from this group. Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Daimler to name a few.


A beautiful Mk II jaguar


Vintage ‘Style’

Vintage ‘style’  generally means a fibre glass bodies, manufactured to look vintage, on a modern chassis and with a modern engine. This means these cars are cheaper to run and maintain.

Modern Limousine

The National Transport Authority  has a list of modern vehicles suitable for limousine use. The BMW 4 series and above, the Mercedes E Class and above, Audi A5, Jaguar XF and more.

In fact, a standard saloon is not acceptable for limousine use and will not be able to obtain a license.


our white wedding cars


Undoubtedly, the internet has made it pretty easy to research and find the car of your dreams.

Our 1961 White Jaguar

This means, you can research and view a beautiful car from the comfort of your home.

There are also numerous listing sites like weddingsonline.ie, weddingpages.ie and weddingdates.ie to name a few.

So, when you think you’ve found the perfect vehicle to escort you on your Big Day, you can always arrange a viewing.


We can provide a choice of two classic cars or a modern Mercedes limousine.

Two of our vehicles are white and perfect for any wedding day.

Our Classic Cars

We own two beautifully restored, 1960s Mk II Classic Jaguars.

This sports saloon was designed in the late 1950s and manufactured until 1967.

The unique and beautiful style has allowed the Mk II Jaguar to transcend the decades and restyle itself, from a 1960s sports saloon, into a wedding day favourite.

our cars

Both of our Classic Jaguars have deep red upholstery, polished walnut timbers, bright chrome trims and bumpers. These beautiful features are complimented by spoke wheels and perfect colours to  match you marriage ceremony theme.

When it comes to a beautiful white car you’ll find it hard to beat our Jaguar in traditional Old English White.

Should you prefer a car that breaks the traditional mould, then book our Jaguar in superb Opalescent Golden Sand, for your wedding ceremony.

Just complete the form on our enquiry page and we’ll get straight back to you.

Our quoted prices are competitive and firm. That means no need to worry about delays in your itinerary, we have you covered.

Our Mercedes E200

Do you prefer to travel to the ceremony with all the comforts of a modern car?

Well then we can offer a beautiful white Mercedes E200, Advantgarde.

Our White Mercedes E200”width=

Our E class Mercedes-Benz is top of the range, trim level, with black leather upholstery.

Her perfect colour of Calcite white makes this Mercedes a perfect choice for any wedding day.

As a modern limousine it is less expensive to maintain and run and we can offer it at a lower rate than our Jaguars.

Our White Mercedes E200 is a perfect second car for the bridal party. Or, if you are on a budget or want modern comforts and style it can be your main car.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Our Wedding Cars(FAQs)


1. Are you licensed and insured?
All our vehicles have National Transport Authority issued Limousine Licences. Our drivers will hold, as is required, SPSV driver Licences. We hold, as is required, SPSV specific insurance which includes public and employer’s liability.

2. Will your Classic Jaguars make our journey longer ?                Although our two Classic Jaguars were manufactured in the 1960s they were designed as sport saloons. They have their original 3.4 & 3.8  litre engines which have been totally reconditioned. Both have a top speed of 180km/ hour and 0-60mph in around 10 seconds.

They can easily cruise along at at 100 km and are well capable of performing with today’s modern traffic.

3. How many passengers can your cars ?
We have three vehicles, all licensed to carry a maximum of four passengers. If you are considering four passengers then we would recommend the Mercedes for space and comfort.


4. Is the price quoted  firm with no hidden or additional charges?
All our quoted prices are firm and there are no hidden or additional charges. We understand that despite the best made plans, things can go wrong on your wedding day and unforeseen delays can occur. That means you have no need to worry we won’t be clock watching or rushing off anywhere. In short we will be with you until all our duties are discharged to your satisfaction.

5. What amount is payable at time of booking?
Our booking fee is €100 per vehicle.

6. Is the booking fee refundable?
The booking fee is non-refundable but we will transfer it to a new date or a different car providing they are both available. We will always try to be as accommodating as possible.

7. When is the final balance due for payment?
The outstanding balance is due one week before your Big Day.

8. Will my car be booked for other events on the day?
The last thing you need to be worrying about is unforeseen delays and pressure to finish. We only take one booking per vehicle, per day and will be with you until all our duties are discharged to your satisfaction.

9.  Can we stop in-route to our reception to take photographs?
We can stop at a location on the way to your reception to take photo’s. Just make sure to let us know in advance so that we can ensure we are familiar with the location and the route to it.

10. Will my car be available at the reception venue for photographs?
We are always available for photos at the reception. We will never leave the venue with out first clearing it with the photographer.

11. Is it possible to take some members of the bridal party to the Church before returning for the Bride?
We can drop members of the bridal party to the ceremony first and then call back for the bride. The distances have to be practical and remember the other bridal party members will need to get to the reception venue after the ceremony. Talk to us well in advance.

12. How is the car decorated?
Our standard decoration includes ivory bonnet ribbons and a silk floral garland on the rear window shelf.

13. Do you provide a celebratory drink?
We provide a celebratory bottle of bubbly as standard. If you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage make sure to talk to us. We always carry water on board. 

14. How soon, before my planned departure time, will the car arrive?
We always aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before your planned departure time. An early arrival will give you one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. Don’t feel under any pressure to hurry just because we are outside. Come out when you’re good and ready.

15. What happens if my car breaks down?
We service our vehicles regularly to ensure they are both aesthetically and mechanically sound. They all hold current NCT Certificates.
Despite this, any vehicle can breakdown, regardless of age. If it happens on your day we will be limited in what we can do. It depends on where and when the breakdown occurs.
It is always advisable to have a       
planB,  for your wedding transport, that is a family member or friend that you can ring, at short notice, and have them collect you if needed.
With that in mind, please check our terms and conditions to see what allowances regarding refunds we make in the unlikely event of a breakdown. It is always in our best interests to ensure our cars are fit for purpose.

16. What happens if it rains on the day?
For this reason we always carry two beautiful ivory umbrellas in each car.

17. Do you have a list of standard equipment you carry for unforeseen Bridal emergencies?
Your experience, with us,  is more than just a lift from one point to another. From the time we arrive at the bridal collection, right up until your photographer finishes with us, we want to look after you. With this in mind see below a list of some essentials we will carry on your Big Day.

♦ Sewing kit
♦ Safety Pins
♦ Scissors
♦ Lint Roller
♦ Chilled Water
♦ Headache Tablets
♦ Two Tartan Blankets
♦ Two Large Ivory Umbrellas
♦ Phone Charging Power Pack
♦ Android & iPhone cables
♦ First Aid Kit

18. Can We make an appointment to view ?
You are welcome to come visit us here in Kiltegan. Just ring first to make an appointment.

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