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 History Jaguar Wedding Car

The Mk II Jaguar wedding car was originally designed as a mid-sized luxury sports saloon. The Jaguar factory based in Coventry commenced manufacturing of the Mk II in 1959. Jaguar set the basic model price at £1780 which was very competitive at the time.

With her top of the range 3.8 litre engine, 0-60mph in 8.5 seconds and a top speed of 200km/h she gained a reputation as a capable getaway car amongst criminals.

This meant that the police, in order to keep up, had to drive them too. Hence her familiarity as the car driven by TV’s Inspector Morse.

All a long way away from her position today as a wedding car of choice for lots of happy couples.

Production of the Mk II started in 1959 and continued until 1967. The Mk II Jaguar was, without a doubt, a huge success. Jaguar by the end of 1967 had manufactured 84,000 of the Mk II across her three engine options of 2.4 litre, 3.4 litre and 3.8 litre.

After production of the Mk II stopped they continued to offer the 2.4 and 3.4 litre engines in a lower specification car no longer known as the Mk II but as the 240 and 340. There were no more leather seats, no fog lights, smaller bumpers and some other cost saving spec. changes.

The advertising slogan for the Mk II Jaguar, ‘Grace, Pace and Space’, devised by Jaguar’s Sir William Lyons is still true to this day as it was in the late ‘50s. In summary she is perfect example of 60s design and style being of paramount consideration.

A beautiful Jaguar wedding car is a sight to behold.


our Jaguar Wedding Car, Desert Rose, a 1965 Mk II

On the whole, Desert Rose is a very original example of a Mk II Jaguar. In fact, very few of her original body panels needed replacement during her restoration.

Manufacturing took place  in Coventry, England and she came off the production line on December 18th 1965.

One of our beautiful Jaguar wedding cars
Jaguar main dealer KDM, Cherrington, London sold her in April 1965 to a Dr Ernest Landau of Sloane Street, London. Her first reg no.,which she kept for 53 years, was JLN147D. When we took her to Ireland she took the Irish reg no. ZV89143.

Dr Landau sold her on in 1972 to a Mr Emanuel Winer. Mr Winer locked her away when the oil crisis of 1973 really took off. With a fuel consumption of only 18mpg petrol prices were a huge factor. This beautiful car was forgotten about and lay unused for may years. That was until her discovery in 2010. Being undercover in a barn for 37 years helped protect and preserve her more than a lot of her contemporaries. Her engine was little more than broken in with only only 17,000 original miles on the clock. She still needed a total mechanical and cosmetic restoration but much of the original car was saved.

Desert Rose has undergone a total restoration, with an engine rebuild and a bare metal repaint of the body.

We purchased this beautiful classic Jaguar wedding car for our fleet because of the high quality of her restoration, particularly her perfect wedding colour of Opalescent Golden Sand.

Our Jaguar Wedding Cars are true classics

The original leather from 1965, which still covers her seats,  has been totally cleaned and restored. along with the reconditioning of her polished walnut timber trims and bumpers. The chromed spoke wheels and pristine Opalescent Golden Sand paint work along with her sleek classic styling project a classy, sophisticated elegance. This vehicle is, without a doubt, a truly beautiful creation and a special wedding car.

Book, our stunning classic car Desert Rose and in our opinion, you will be traveling in one of the most beautiful Wedding Cars around. You deserve to enjoy a few pleasurable hours traveling in a style and elegance everybody should experience at least once.

Desert Rose - Restoration of a Classic 1965  Mk II  Jaguar, Wedding Car

Snowbird, a 1961 MK II  Jaguar, and the OLDER  of our Two CLASSIC Cars

Snowbird, manufactured in 1961, is the older of our classic Jaguars.

She has a huge 3.8 litre engine and an automatic transmission.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we think she is equally as stunning and stylish as her younger sister.

Manufacture was completed and she came off the production line, in Coventry, on 15th September 1961. She was delivered to main dealer Henley’s of Manchester in late September.

These Jaguar wedding cars are a firm favorite
Snowbird was first registered with the UK reg. number VJA599. She has carried that reg. for the last 56 years. In Ireland we registered her the and a new Irish reg number, ZV89134, was assigned to her.

She underwent complete mechanical and body restoration in 2017 - 2018

This Jaguar’s iconic 1960s styling and pristine Old English White paintwork meant she was always destined to be up there with the best wedding cars available. She has less than 500km on the clock since having undergone a total engine rebuild. The full exterior and interior restoration means Snowbird is in a stunning condition, and a beautiful wedding car.

one of our two jaguar wedding cars

The stunning chromed spoke wheels and metal work, the luxurious paintwork, all compliment her iconic ‘60 classic design. And together with the totally restored interior timber and leather, they scream out style and quality.

This beautiful White wedding car is perfect for a traditional wedding.

We hope you consider booking our beautiful Snowbird or dropping in to view her.

Snowbird - Restoration of a Classic 1961 Mk II Jaguar 

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