Wedding Car Hire

Why not let us help you with your wedding car hire ?

perfect wedding car hire with our white jaguar

Our Wedding Cars are available to hire for all couples and for all ceremonies 

We can provide you with the choice of authentic 1960s Classics or the comforts of a modern Mercedes.

Two Classic Jaguars available for hire

For your safety and to ensure a quality service make sure your car hire company is licensed by The National Transport Authority.

why not hire our beautiful Gold Jaguar wedding car

We are fully licensed by the National Transport Authority And are in possession of all required licenses and insurances

 So, why not allow us the honour of escorting you in style and safety, with one of our beautiful cars?

 Jaguar wedding car hire

When you hire our, beautiful gold or white, Jaguar you will be traveling in a stunning restored, historic vehicle.

They are genuine Classics  that will wow your family and friends.

 wedding car hire with our 1961 Jaguar in Old English White

Would you prefer to hire a car that offers modern comforts?
If so, why not consider booking our top of the range Mercedes-Benz E200. This car is available in Calcite White with black leather upholstery.

Mercedes wedding car hire

Our wedding car hire is available to Carlow, Kildare, Laois, Kilkenny, Wexford, Wicklow and Dublin.


We don’t have a standard price list. That’s because there’s lots of variables and every bride and groom have different requirements.

We would love if you’d consider forwarding your enquiry to us.

You will find an enquiry form on our website. Please fill in it in  as completely as you can, and you will be presently surprised with the speed of our response.

beautiful Wedding Car hire

Once we receive the enquiry we will act on it immediately. We will reply with a detailed and personalised quotation showing our available cars , prices and details of our service.

You can of course email, text or call us if you prefer.

If you are interested, in what couples paid on average for an Irish wedding in 2019, then have a look at this weddingsonline survey .


When it comes to wedding car hire we always try to be as competitive as possible. We understand the huge cost involved in putting together your big day.

We always quote a fixed price, with no hidden or additional charges.

The last thing you need to be worrying about, on your wedding day, are additional costs because of delays and overruns in your itinerary.

classic wedding car hire

So, no need to worry we understand despite planning your wedding day for months or years, that the best laid plans can go astray.

For this reason, we restrict hire of each wedding car to just one engagement per car.

So, having just one booking means we won’t ever need to rush off anywhere.

So, wedding car hire, from us, allows you to relax and be assured that we will be with you until all our duties are discharged to your satisfaction.



Do you want to experience true 1960s style and elegance on your wedding day ?

Well then, why not hire one of our Classic Jaguars ?

These authentic 1960s Jaguar are true historic vehicles and not modern replicas.

Snowbird, is a 1961 Mk II Jaguar wedding car with paint work of traditional Old English White. We believe she is up there with the best cars available to hire for such a prestigious occasion.

When it comes to a traditional wedding a bride can’t go wrong with this stunning colour.

Our white Mk II Jaguar, perfect as a traditional wedding car hire

Desert Rose is a 1965 Mk II Jaguar. This beautiful wedding car offers something special with her superb coat of Opalescent Golden Sand. Perfect for the bride who wants something not traditional but still bridal.

Our Golden Jaguar wedding car adds a sense of opulence to any wedding day

We can also provide a contemporary car for the bridal party in the shape of our Mercedes-Benz E200 CDi.

Our Mercedes E200, for contemporary white wedding car hire

This car is a top of the range trim level, with black leather upholstery and a beautiful Calcite white coat.

So it’s perfect as a main wedding car or to hire as a second car for the bridal party.


The day before a wedding, we valet, polish, decorate the car, load the equipment and chill the bubbly.

Everything is ready so we can head off early the following morning.

We always aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure time.

As a result you’ll have one less thing to worry about on your wedding morning.

Tell your photographer, in advance, to get plenty of shots with your beautiful wedding car as they look amazing in photos.

If your want we can even stop en-route to the venue, at a chosen location, for more photos.

Our gold Jaguar wedding car, a favourite choice“ width= Rest assured, we want to play our part in making your wedding day as perfect as possible.

On your wedding day we try to come prepared so our cars carry a wide range of bits and pieces for any bridal emergency.

Wedding car hire with our Golden Jaguar

We are always open to hearing any suggestions or ideas you have that will help enhance your wedding day. So don’t be afraid to ask and if we can do it we will.

A Mercedes E200, one of our white wedding cars


Selecting the correct wedding day transport provider is important. Apart from a beautiful car of your dreams, you want a company that is licensed and insured to provide the service.

NTA = National Transport Authority
SPSV = Small Public Service Vehicle

The Wedding car Company

  • must always have a tax cleared status
  • must possess SPSV specific insurance with Employer and Public liability cover


The Wedding Car

  • To be even considered for use as a Wedding Car/Limousine the proposed vehicle must first be on an NTA list of approved contemporary vehicles, suitable for Limousine use, or be a prestigious older vehicle suitable for ceremonial type work.
  • There is no upper age limit on vehicles used for Limousine work.
  • The Limousine must undergo an NTA ‘Initial Suitability Test’, and pass.  The vehicle is then issued with a limousine license. The suitability test is repeated annually in the case of vehicles less than 10 years old or manufactured before 1980. Vehicles within these parameters are tested every 6 months.
  • The ‘Suitability Test’ is not a mechanical test but rather a check on the aesthetics of the car. The car has to be maintained always to the high standard suitable for it to be involved in the prestigious work undertaken by Limousines
  • Prior to undertaking the suitability test, a vehicle must be taxed, have current SPSV specific insurance, current NCT certification. The Company must also have a tax cleared status.
    When the ‘Suitability Test’ is passed the tester applies NTA issued, ‘Tamper Proof’ discs on the windscreen and rear window. The purpose of these discs discs is to give the public easy access to the licensing conditions of the vehicle. The vehicle license details, including the number of passengers that that it is can carry are noted on the discs.
  • All Limousines must have current discs displayed in order to operate legally.


The Driver

  • Any person wanting to drive in the Limousine industry must have a current full Irish ‘B’ driving licence and a current SPSV licence.
  • To obtain an SPSV licence a driver must pass an ‘SPSV Driver Entry Test’ which covers two modules, ‘Area Knowledge ‘and ‘Industry Knowledge’. The driver pass both modules.
  • When the test is passed an application can be made for an SPSV license to An Garda Síochána. Part of the licensing procedure involves the applicant being subject of Garda vetting. The applicant must also have at this stage, and maintain in the future, a tax cleared status. The driver renews their SPSV license every 5 years.

Documentation (you can ask to view)

Vehicle specific Limousine Licence

Vehicle specific Insurance Certificate

Other information

A Limousine Licence costs €1000.00

The ‘Suitability Test’ costs €45.00

The ‘SPSV Driver Entry’ test costs €90.00

The SPSV drive licence fee is €250.00


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