Wedding Car Hire Top Tips

Here are some suggestions regarding your wedding car hire that can help make that part of your day run more smoothly.

Ensure your wedding car is licensed to carry the number of people you need to transport

If stopping for photos en-route to your reception venue is part of your wedding car hire plans ensure the time has been allowed for in your itinerary

Ensure you have checked your itinerary and that you are happy with the timings. We are very understanding and will accommodate overruns on your schedule due to unforeseen circumstances on the day, so don’t worry.

Classic wedding cars for your special day

Travel the route yourself close to the event and inform us of anything you think we should be aware of. Check if there are any events happening in the local area on the day and if they will impact on the wedding car journey in anyway.

Speak to the ceremony and reception venues and find out where your wedding car can pull up to let you out. Try have a parking space left clear outside the Church. We will endeavor to get the Wedding Car as close as possible at all times but won't put either you or the vehicle at risk.

Wedding Car Hire with style and elegance

Ensure you have parking /entry permits that will permit the wedding car to enter venues that require them.

Make sure you have the mobile number you provided to venues, Church and wedding car hire company with you. Also make sure you also have the wedding car company phone number with you too.

While all companies maintain their vintage and classic cars to ensure mechanical performance it is imperative that you always have a plan B.
These are historic vehicles and do not have the reliability of modern vehicles.
In the unlikely event of a problem developing either en-route to you or to the venue, you should have pre-arranged with someone that they could collect you, if the need arises.
Time will be of the essence and most companies will be limited in what we can do. So having a friend, neighbor or someone you can rely on to act as a backup will take the stress out of the situation and get you to the church on time.

Check our Terms and Conditions to learn more about our refund/compensation in case of full or partial breakdown