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Vintage Wedding Cars -Top Tips

Here are some suggestions, regarding rental of vintage wedding cars, that could help make your day run more smoothly.

Make sure that the cars, you book, are licensed by the National Transport Authority.

Ensure the wedding car you hire is licensed to carry the number of people you need to transport

Book well in advance particularly if your wedding day is a Friday or Saturday. These two days are the most popular with couples.

Insist the price quoted for your vintage wedding car is fixed. You don’t want an unexpected bill at the end of the day. With this in mind, you want a price that allows for potential delays.

Make sure you will have the unhurried use of your beautiful car.

In short, the wedding car company should only have booked one engagement for that car, that day.

We never book more than one wedding per day car, per day.

Stopping, en-route to your wedding venue for photos is a popular choice for couples.

So, if this is part of your plan for your Special Day  day make sure to advise the transport provider well in advance. The chauffeur can then familiarize themselves with the route and location.

Consider the colour of your vintage car and make sure it compliments your colour theme.

If the car rental company  makes their cars available to view, that’s a good sign. That means, they’re proud of their wedding cars and not afraid to show them. View them if at all possible. Vintage wedding cars are by nature much older than their modern counterparts and need a lot of TLC to have them looking their best.

Your wedding car will normally come with ivory ribbons as standard. If you would like something different talk to the car company well in advance.

Should you prefer something other than the celebratory bottle of bubbly, speak to the wedding car provider. Do this  well in advance and I’m sure they’ll do what they can to accommodate.

If you have gone to the expense of booking  a beautiful wedding vintage wedding car, then make the most of it.

Ask your photographer, in advance, to get some good shots of you both with your car.

It could be overlooked on the day and the opportunity will be gone forevermore.

Ensure you have checked your itinerary and that you are happy with the timings for your wedding day.

Most companies are understanding and will accommodate overruns, with their cars, due to unforeseen circumstances.  So don’t worry.

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If time permits, travel the route that your wedding car will take a couple of days before the event.

Inform your transport provider of anything you think they should be aware of. Are there any events, in the local area, that might impact on the journey of the cars?

Make sure the guests know to leave access and space for you to exit your wedding car at the Church/Ceremony.

Our classic wedding car rental for your special day

Our beautiful vintage wedding cars always aim to arrive a good 30 minutes before your planned departure. Don’t feel any pressure to leave just because they’re there. Take your time and come out when your good and ready.

Ensure you have parking /entry permits that will permit the wedding cars to enter venues that require them.

Make sure you have the mobile phone with you that you provided to the car rental company, Church, Reception and Photographer.

All reputable companies maintain their vintage  wedding cars to a high standard. This is to ensure aesthetic and mechanical performance. Having said that, one has to be realistic and recognize that these beautiful cars are historic vehicles.

They do not have the reliability of a modern wedding car.

Regardless of the age of the cars you book, you should always have a plan B, even if they are modern wedding cars.
In the unlikely event of a problem you should have pre-arranged with a friend or family member, to fill in and collect you at short notice.
Time will be of the essence and most wedding car companies will be limited in what we can do.

So having a friend, neighbor or someone you can rely on to act as a backup will take the stress out of the situation. You’ll still get to the church on time.

To learn more about our refund/compensation in case of full or partial breakdown of our classic wedding cars, check out our Terms and Conditions

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